We support what we know – good quality, reliable and stylish Australian electric bikes


Whether you’re looking for a more efficient way to get around, more fun on the trails, or just want to enjoy the great outdoors, electric bikes can really open up the world of riding.

We believe that electric bikes are the future. Letting more people get out onto two wheels, getting people out of traffic jams, and helping friends and families spend more time together are just some of the benefits that became the driving force behind E-move Bikes.

We are at heart, experienced cycle enthusiasts. We are now one of the largest electric bike shops in Queensland.

If you choose to buy from us your new bike will be professionally assembled (optional) and inspected and test ridden by our in-store technicains. When you collect your bike you will be given a full handover taking you through all its funcations – we will ensure you totally understand the features, operation and modes available. If in the future you have any questions we will only be too happy to help. We can also offer delivery too where you bike will be packaged and sent to you.

Our Vision


To change modern cities and people’s lives for the better by introducing electric bikes. Our core values are to provide sustainable, customisable, and innovative mobility solutions to our customers that they can easily use around cities or in the countrysides. We offer a variety of services including the opportunity to purchase high-quality and affordable electric bikes in the Australian market.

Our Expertise

We always make sure that we are offering customer service that is second to none. With these customer-focused services, we have developed a reputation within our industry and fantastic customer relationships.

Furthermore, we place a huge impact on customer safety, which is why all our electric bikes are put through rigorous tests. 

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