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The Bolzzen Gladiator is our biggest, fastest and most capable eScooter to date! It’s also our most exciting!

  • Huge Dual 1200W (4000W peak) Motors
  • 60V 21Ah Powerplants
  • Zoom Hydraulic Brakes
  • 75km/h Max Speed
  • Dual Suspension
  • Completely Unique Exclusive Design

You haven’t seen ANYTHING like this.
The biggest, fastest, most capable eScooter in the Bolzzen stable. The Bolzzen Gladiator has no comparison, it’s a completely new beast.

Face-melting speed
Packing massive, 50-magnet front and rear motors peaking to up to 4000W, the Bolzzen Gladiator is one of the fastest kids on the block. Delivering face-melting torque and off the line speed, there’s not a lot that can outrun this beast of a hyper scooter at speed! With an impressive max load rating of 150kgs, the Gladiator is the best in class when it comes to bigger riders or riders that just want insane speed and take-off.

An Australian exclusive
In a market that’s filled with the same, the Bolzzen Gladiator is something different, something unique. There will never be anything like the Gladiator in the Australian market. The design, the layout, everything is 100% Bolzzen exclusive – stand out from the pack.
When designing and bringing new products to the market, we work harder than most to ensure that the product delivered isn’t just awesome, but something that the industry is looking for – something that you’re looking for. With dedicated service and support based in NSW, you can be sure that you’re in great hands and you’ll have amazing fun now, and well into the future with the Bolzzen Gladiator.

Go literally anywhere
With the Bolzzen Blue C-Type suspension and thick, sturdy deck, load rated to 150kgs, coupled with the enormous dual 1000W or 1200W motors, get where you want to go with the confidence that the Gladiator has your back.
With a truly giant road clearance and pneumatic tyres and Zoom Hydraulic Brakes, the Bolzzen Gladiator not only will get you there quickly; it’ll also get you there safely.
During our testing and development, we had the Gladiator running off-road, on-road, over terrain that would stump other hyper scooters – and it loved it! Let the Bolzzen Gladiator open up your fun and weekends!

A little something new
Individuality has always been an important part of Bolzzen product development. Why replicate the same, when we can improve and make something better?
The Bolzzen Gladiator is a perfect match of tried and tested and new and exciting. We couldn’t be prouder of this product and we know that it’ll soon be your favourite Hyper Scooter and all for under $3,000 with dedicated and helpful after-sales support!
The Bolzzen promise is inside every aspect of the Bolzzen Gladiator and we can’t wait to see the exciting fun you have with yours!

Bolzzen Gladiator Technical Information
For everyone wanting the nitty-gritty on the Bolzzen Gladiator.

Motor rated power (6021): 2400W
Max. instantaneous power (6021): 4000W peak output
Top speed (6021): 75km/hr
Acceleration: 4.8 seconds to 25km/hr
Max. incline: 30 degrees
Suggested terrains: anywhere you want to take it!

Battery Size (6021): 60V 21Ah
Range (6021): 85km (ECO mode)
Charge Time: 12-hours. or 6-hours (fast-charger)

Total Weight (6021): 35.15kgs
Max Load Capacity: 150kgs
Tires: 10″ front and rear pneumatic
Suspension: Front and rear Type-C spring
Brakes: Front and rear Zoom Hydraulic brakes
Lights: Front and rear with deck lighting

Safety Tips:
When riding eScooters in Australia, please always respect your local laws and regulations as to where you’re able to ride, how fast you can ride and what you need to do in relation to other road users, pedestrians, riders etc.
Please always wear an Australia Standard approved helmet. Other protective equipment isn’t a bad idea either. Even at low-speeds, coming unstuck on an eScooter can cause serious injuries, including but not limited to road-rash – don’t be a squid (hard head, soft body).

We’re serious about support

12-months coverage
Every Bolzzen product comes with a conditional 12-month factory-backed warranty. Please check with your product’s Owners Manual for specific details. However, buy and ride with confidence knowing that should anything happen with your Bolzzen product – you’re covered.


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Bolzzen Gladiator 6021

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