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Enjoy the host of innovations featured on this next-gen e-scooter from VSETT

  • Powerful 650w motor
  • 40-45 KMH cruising ability
  • 52V LG battery for ample range
  • Slim handlebar design with triple lock mechanism
  • Front LED spotlight, rear brake light, front and rear turn signals
  • Easy 2 step folding ability
  • IP54 Water Resistant



The new VSETT 9 electric scooter is compact and powerful, expertly designed for real world use.

Add some power to your ride and experience the freedom and performance VSETT 9 offers making it the perfect all-purpose electric scooter for the city rider. The bundle of innovative features makes riders feel confident to ride fast, safe, and experience comfortable travels without any compromises. Say goodbye to wobbly handlebars, the VSETT 9 features a slim handlebar design that is secured by a triple locking stem so riding feels safe and more powerful. They have thought of everything even down to the foldable stem and a compact lightweight design, so storing and transporting the VSETT 9 scooter is simple and easy.

Experience the power now.

52V 13.0 AH (LG)
52V 16 AH (LG)
52V 17.5 AH (LG)

25KPH – Restricted Under Australian Law
40 – 45 KMH – Private Property Use Only

55KM / 70KM / 80KM


Feel the freedom and travel without limits

The VSETT 9 electric scooter is a fantastic mid range scooter that offers all those great features to comfortably explore your environment and look great while doing it. The 650V motor gives you great lasting power to cruise while the triple locking folding mechanism alows this beauty to fold down with ease to fit in varying transports like busses and car boots. They have really thought of everything!


Advanced Display

The Control Throttle Display is packed with features with easy to use functions so you can tune your ride your way. The VSETT NFC Key Lock Immobilizer is a great security feature as it ensures only you can start your VSETT. The EYE Throttle which offers the rider their current battery level, TRIP, Time and Speed Display this scooter is in a league of its own!


Compact and Foldable

Both the VSETT 9 and the VSETT 9+ share this same feature making it as easy to transport as it is to ride. Its handle bars are foldable which make each scooter more compact than some of its rivals in the market. The VSETT 9 and VSETT 9+ both feature a patented triple locking system which eliminates any stem wobble, adds to rider safety and gives the rider a more secure stem and solid ride. The handle bars have the ability to fold down which allows the scooter to be even more compact and easy to store or transport in varying vehicles.


Dual High Performance Suspension

The VSETT 9 is top in its class for suspension. The VSETT 9 has a front and rear spring suspension along with disc brakes on the front and rear with electric ABS. It has a strong overall design and its swing arm type suspension gives this e-scooter a lot more travel. The strong folding mechanism and reinforced stem leaves riders feeling confident that it will stay stable and strong while riding.



Battery: 52V 13.0 AH (LG); 52V 16 AH (LG); 52V 17.5 AH (LG)
8.5” * 3” Tyres; Front and rear pneumatic tyre
Front and rear disc brakes
Charging time: 5.5 – 11.0 hr
Max Range: 55KM / 70KM / 80KM
25KPH – Restricted Under Australian Law
40 – 45 KMH – Private Property Use Only*
Motor Power 52V, 650W; Controller 52V (23 A)
Weight 23 kg
Front and rear adjustable shock suspension
Front spotlight, rear brake light, front and rear turn signal
Max User Weight: 120 kg


Note: Product assembly not included.


52V 13Ah, 52V 16Ah LG, 52V 17.5Ah LG


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